Waterfall Track, Mount Wilson

Walking with kids Mt Wilson, Blue Mountains

Mt Wilson is a small  village off the Bells Line of Road in the Blue Mountains. The village harbours quiet fern-filled gullies, often overlooked by most visitors who are lured by the chestnut picking and the autumnal deciduous leaf displays.  One morning in May, my mum (“Nanay”), my kids, and I decided to take advantage of the bushwalking solitude Mt Wilson had to offer.

Walking with kids Mt Wilson, Blue Mountains
Deciduous trees line the main street, devoid of Eucalyptus trees that are the hallmark of the Blue Mountains.


We decided to do the 45-minute Waterfall Track circuit walk which starts from the Waterfall Reserve carpark. The dirt path initially leads to a block of toilets and from there, veering to the right leads to steps descending into the forest.

Nanay leading with Miss 5 as Master 3 insisted on hand-holding, perturbed by the silence around him.

Walking with kids Mt Wilson, Blue Mountains
“When I was young, we had to climb up three mountains every day to get to the markets,” Nanay droned. Were they really mountains, hills, or ranges?

Miss 5’s “Fern Castle”.

As we reached the dry waterfall, “But where’s the water,” complained Miss 5, “I need to wee wee,” cried Master 3, “Photo time!” Nanay announced. All questions and requests were satisfied as we listened for the faint trickling of water downstream, found a suitable spot away from the stream for Master 5 to relieve himself, and captured Nanay’s social media post for the day. Note to self, visit waterfalls after the rain…

Waterfall lacking water turned into a positive as we rock hopped and balanced on boulders to inspect the rock face.

Waterfall Track Mt Wilson.
Walking with kids – three generations. 


1 km circuit




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