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Another walk is planned on 31 August 2019: Peats Crater Walk, Mougamarra Nature Reserve, Cowan.


We saw three whales (or maybe it was the same one) over the course of 5 hours. Our small group of adults, kids since “We are all someone’s daughter, all someone’s son” as John Farnham would say, spent the afternoon gazing on the Pacific Ocean catching up on life and waiting for bursts of water and occasional white streaks made by whale watching boats.


Walk to Paradise Pools cancelled due to Hazard Reduction Burning in Linden from 1 to 2 June. Alternative walk on Sunday, 2 June 2019 at Great River Walk, Penrith. Meet in front of Coffee Club, Tench Ave, Penrith at 9.00 am for a 9.15 am start.

With our trip to Paradise Pools cancelled due to hazard reduction burns, the June Walking With Kids Family Walking Group went on an alternative walk at the Great River Walk in Penrith. The 7 km loop provides the option to walk near the road or close to the water – we chose the path next to the water of course! 13 humans and two fur babies enjoying great company and conversations on a sunny winter day. Life is good.


Date changed to Sunday, 19 May due to Federal election.

Our planned 8-km walk from Leura to Katoomba easily turned to 18 kms when we discovered our Google Map generated route did not really have much footpaths for the urban walking section. This meant lots of map consultations and testing walking tracks, hoping it would lead us to our destination (it did). To top it up, the forecasted 23-degree sunny winter day turned out to be an 11-degree foggy/rainy day. Oh well, such is life and we continued on. The vibrant autumn displays, walking on top of the clouds in the Jamieson Valley, house/front garden watching, the great company, and the fact we didn’t have enough cash for the bus or Ubers available even if we wanted to bail kept us walking .


Walk Update:
The Easter Hike and Camp at Ridge Top Campground featured steep climbs/drops for those coming from the river side, leading one 4 year old to conclude “This is the baddest walk” (He walked the entire 3.5km track). Andrew and I were a bit worried as to how to entertain the kids but once the grandparents lit the campfire, their night was set. Most frequent line of the night: “Point the fire end of the stick down to the ground!”.


Walk Update:
Quote of the day goes to Mia: “When I said I’d walk rain, hail, or shine I meant it metaphorically.” In the end we agreed to take it literally and braved the drizzle turned steady downpour. This month’s walk gave us a preview of some Hawkesbury River trails in Brooklyn as well as some potential islands to explore in the future like Dangar Island. Highlights included massive puddles, great conversations, and fancy footwork to (unsuccessfully) keep our feet dry. We ended the day sipping coffee overlooking the river to warm our bones for the drive home.


Walk Update:
Our February walking adventure saw us starting the year getting lost and finding our way again on the Platypus Track at Bidjigal Reserve, Castle Hill. Well done to our youngest walkers for walking the whole 1.7 km loop track (around 3 km with all the back tracking). Nature highlights included the rich in bird life due to various habitats available, scribbly gum barks complete with scribbles, and rock hopping. Some great conversations among families as to where water goes when it leaves our home sinks were sparked by the sewage structures along Darling Mill and Excelsior creeks.

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