No.5 Roll down a hill.

Great Outdoors Colorado 100 things to do before you're 12

I stumbled across the “100 Things To Do Before You’re 12” list in 2017 and quickly got to ticking off things I had done before I was 12.  Even though I was raised back in the olden days, without smartphones or Ipads to distract me, with parents and grandparents advocating outdoor play, I could not tick off all the activities. Well, some of them were impossible like No. 99 Make a snow angel. I grew up in a tropical country. This list has since become my “100 Things To Do With Kids While Outdoors”.

Since finding this list, I’ve looked for opportunities to get back to basics and share the outdoor fun with Andrew and the kids.  We’re no way near ticking off all the boxes, nor do we aim to. I am happy and content that the following activities have become ingrained in my family’s everyday life, not just an incidental part of our walking trips:

No. 1 Skip rocks.

No. 5 Roll down a hill.

No. 6 Go on a picnic.

No. 9 Tightrope walk on a log.

No. 10. Blow dandelions in the wind.

No. 21, Jump into a pile of leaves.

No. 23 Splash in puddles.

No. 31 Find a walking stick.

No. 49 Find shapes in clouds.

No. 65 Go birdwatching.

While the list is not inclusive of all the outdoor experiences for every child around the world, most of the activities on the list are general enough to start with. Do the kids love the activities? Mine do!

Adults can join in the fun too. Here’s the haiku-inspiring hill roll my brother shared with my children recently.

Haiku No. 5 by Patrick Estoesta

Ditch the bubble wrap.

Tuck your chin, roll down that hill.

Connect with Nature.

Want to get started? Click here to get the PDF version of the Great Outdoors Colorado 100 Things To Do Before You’re 12 list. If you are based in the United States, click here, to win free stuff as your kids complete the activities.

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