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Moon Walk

I recently read Richard Louv’s book, Vitamin N, and was inspired to incorporate some of his practical outdoor activities in my family life.  I started with the moonwalk: a winter walk on the night of a full moon. Our first moonwalk was on the afternoon of my day off, when  the sky was still blue and on the cusp of darkening, with streaks of pink clouds on the horizon.Earlier that afternoon, as I parked into our driveway, I looked back at the rear view mirror hoping that the kids were asleep so we didn’t have to go on the moonwalk in the 9°C weather.  The kids were both wide-eyed, twisting and turning, eager to get out of their car seats. With their high-pitched voices they announced that we didn’t have to go on a moonwalk because they could see the moon outside the car window anyway. I assured them that the walk would be quick and that we would bring a flashlight and a scooter. We rummaged through the layers of toys, books, and dirty clothes on their bedroom floor – no flashlight. We took out everything in our boot – no scooter.  I felt ill-prepared but I reminded myself to go back to the basics which was ensure that the kids were safe and comfortable. A saying I picked up from one of my cousins flashed in my memory, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” At 5:30 pm, after a quick wardrobe change to add beanies and thicker jumpers to our outfits, the screeching birds roosting in the tree next door announced the start of our first moonwalk.

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