About Us

We are a family of four living in Sydney, Australia. We have travelled around Australia and to many other countries, with kids in tow, since 2013. When our kids started walking, we found that their slow pace, mindful approach, and enthusiasm in everything we came across during our walks was infectious, flowing on to our everyday family life. Walking is free and, with kids, only requires patience.

With stories from our walks, we hope to share our sometimes not so glamorous but always extremely soul satisfying journey to enjoy quality family time in the great outdoors, beyond playgrounds. We are inspired by the “children in nature” movement so we have added a section on outdoor play ideas our kids have tried and tested.

We sincerely hope that our work encourages you – the parent, the grandparent, the uncle, the aunt, the carer, or the family friend – to go out there with the kids to explore and to connect with the great outdoors and your community.

Charis spent some years dabbling in employment law and industrial relations before becoming an educator in the early childhood education and care industry. She enjoys bushwalking, reading, and learning about new things. She writes articles for our blog.

When Andrew is not attending hip hop dancing classes or working on his model cars, he’s usually reading or staring out somewhere wondering what to read next. He’s worked in the e-commerce industry for over a decade. Andrew is our photographer.


Our kids are our inspiration. They love to play and explore. (And fight and chuck tantrums etc).